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If your not a party to a action. Your just in the audience but you have filed a objection to the action(conservatorship hearing)

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Can a judge order you to subpoena a witness? I don't know how. Can a judge order a party that has nothing to do with asking to be a conservator but objects to the current conservator be ordered by a judge to subpoena a witness? this happened to me.

P.S. The objection hearing hasn't taken place yet.

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You might want to tell the judge that you are not a party to the action and have no standing in the matter, if that is the case.

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If you have filed an objection, you must have some sort of standing in the matter, or the judge would have dismissed the objection.

To answer your question though, if you intervene in a case, YES the Judge can order you to take specific actions to provide him with the evidence needed to decide the case, including most basically, getting witnesses to testify. If you don't know how to do this, you NEED to hire representation. I urge you to consult with a local Probate attorney in order to be sure this gets done correctly.

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