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If your name is not on lease can your roommate change the locks so you cant get in?

Ormond Beach, FL |

Can a roommate change the locks on our apt . ? In on probation and my PO . officer makes a monthly home visit so mi registered my home address with the state probation office . My roommate and I had an argument so I spent a couple nights at a friends . When I returned 2 days later the locks were changed . My name is not on the lease . I tried to open a window to gain access to my clothes , etc . and accidentally broke the window . She knew I was coming and left . Can I get in trouble for the broken window ?

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If you have established residence, then the roommate cannot change the locks.

You can call a locksmith to get back in and change the locks. Call a locksmith to meet you at the residence. The locksmith can open the lock and then begin changing it. You must give your roommate a copy of the key asap.

If necessary, call 911 / law enforcement while you are there. You may call the sheriff's office ahead of time to let them know the situation and maybe they can send an officer out at the same time that the locksmith comes out.

You will not get in trouble for breaking the window. You should pay for its repair.

Make sure to have your probation papers available, since it proves that the property is your residence. Also, have handy anything else that proves this, like mail addressed to you there, your I.D. if it states the property as your address, etc.

Good luck!



I was asking on behalf of my daughter. Her roomate went and placed an injunction on her. They have yet to go to court. My daughter has yet to get the rest of her things. Thank you for your help