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If your defense lawyer waived your right to a speedy trial without your consent can you get it reversed?

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my fiance is in jail awaiting 3 trials and didn't want to waive e has already been there 5 months. His public defender couldn't be in court last week so another pd filled in and waived his rights without his consent or even discussing it with him and his appointed pd said there's nothing they can do about it now since the judge ruled on it already.

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Generally, speedy trial rights are individual rights of an accused. However, there are certain very fact specific circumstances where a trial can be continued over a defendant's objection and beyond the speedy trial period. It sounds like this situation might be one of those. Contact the attorney and ask him. If nothing else, you may have an appellate issue later.

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There are some circumstances where the judge may grant a continuance, even over the defendant's objection... although the attorney must demonstrate good cause (like unavailability due to preplanned vacation or illness). If your fiancé is concerned about his time waiver, he should speak with his attorney and/or address it with the court.

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Statutory speedy trial can be waived by counsel, even over defendant's objection; constitutional speedy trial cannot. If you disagree with the direction your attorney is taking the case and you feel you are not being competently represented, file a Marsden motion and seek appointment of new counsel [or hire your own].


It is possible for the Court to grant a continuance even over the defense's objection. However, your fiance's time waiver can be withdrawn later if he wishes to speed things up. You should contact his lawyer and ask why the court date was moved and whether or not withdrawing the time waiver is both possible and in your fiance's interests.