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If your Court is the 52 in Rochester Hills, how important is to hire a lawyer from Rochester Hills? , Does it matter ?

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People is telling me its better because they know the judges, So if you hire someone from another city , will they be honest if you ask them if they know the judges?

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It is best to hire an attorney who regularly practices before the Judge that your case is going to be heard before. No attorney should imply that they are going to get a better deal because they "know" the Judge or because they are a former prosecutor with "connections", but practicing regularly before the judge will enable the attorney to offer candid advice as to the likely outcome of your case and the attorney will be familiar with certain local practices that may affect the way that your case is handled. answers provided solely for informational purposes. Answers are not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. If you are seeking legal advice, contact a competent attorney in your local jurisdiction. Learn more about my practice at


There are no lawyers that exclusively practice in Rochester Hills District Court. Generally, criminal defense attorneys practice in a variety of courts. Because the criminal law area is so tight knit, many defense lawyers, prosecutors and judges get to know one another fairly well. I agree that it is really important to hire an attorney who is familiar with the judges, the prosecutors and the court staff; however, there are many lawyer in Oakland County who are very familiar with the 52-3 District Court.

As far as whether someone is going to be honest with you, that is difficult to say. I hope that someone will not lie to you about his or her familiarity with the court but there are dishonest people in every profession.

I can tell you from extensive persional experience in handling cases in Rochester Hills, that the judges there can be very tough and the prosecutors tend to be very aggressive. On the other hand, we've had great success in that court on a variety of different types of cases. Based upon my experience, I can tell you that so long as you hire a good, honest and zealous attorney, you should be fine.

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Allen M. Wolf

Allen M. Wolf


The law is not always black or white and the grey area provides a lot of room for judicial discretion. Retaining counsel that is competent and experienced with your assigned Judge , may provide you an edge over representation by other counsel, because he or she will know how the judge has reacted on similar evidentiary and factual issues and probable sentences and can advise you accordingly. In addition, that attorney will have built up a reputation (good or bad) with each judge he or she regularly practices in front of----which if positive can result in a certain amount of mutual trust and respect which could be another advantage on close issues. As a former President of the Rochester Bar association I was able to observe that all three judges (who are also former Presidents's of the bar association) enjoyed actively participating in the bar events and inter acting with the attorneys outside of the courtroom who regularly appear before them. This is no guarantee that you are going to win your case in the courtroom, but again allowed for the development of a mutual respect and credibility would might be helpful on close issues. Judge's are human too.


Nope, hire a successful, experienced attorney. It DOES NOT matter that they are from Rochester Hills.


If you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in Oakland County, they are likely to have handled matters before Judge Nicholson, Judge Asadoorian, and Judge Carniak. An experienced Oakland County criminal defense attorney will have had many dealings with the Oakland County Prosecutors office, and the different law firms representing the various cities handled by the 52-3rd Division District Court.

It is important that you have a good lawyer in this particular Court because the Judges (Judge Nicholson and Judge Asadoorian in particular) are not the easiest Judges to deal with. If the matter is handled by the Oakland County Prosecutor's office, they are also very aggressive.

Before you hire a lawyer to represent you, ask questions. Does this lawyer regularly practice criminal law? Does the lawyer regularly appear at the 52-3rd Division District Court. Does the attorney have a good reputation? Does the lawyer take the time to explain things in a way that I can understand? Does the lawyer's advice make sense?

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