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If your being charged with a felony of theft, you didnt commit the crime and there is no proof what can i be charged with?

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I have a clean record never been in trouble before, well my father walked in Target and stole over one thousand dollars in merchandise. He loaded it in the car and told me if you get caught you will be in and out in a couple days i will go to prison for 3 years and walked off. So I rolled the windows down unlocked the doors and popped the trunk and left the car in the parking lot. Well I was seen with my father so the cops stopped me on the road and took me in there is no video footage of my father stealing anything or me being with him how much troble can i get in and for what?

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You need to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you. The prosecutor will try to convict you under the rule of parties, i.e. that you assisted your father in transporting the property away from the Target store, or that you were in possession of stolen property. This is not to say that a good defense attorney may not be able to win the case for you, but you definitely need to hire a defense attorney to help you. If you have not yet been indicted, I may be able to win your case at the grand jury level (see link below).

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