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If your a first time white collar criminal with a bank fraud conviction, will you go to a prison camp

Kenosha, WI |

college degree / 20 years in banking, originate 6 loans for personal benefit and charged with one count fraud, one count money laundering. level 22. First ever criminal offense of any kind.

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Every case is different, so you should discuss the facts and background of your individual case with your attorney. I would presume that the attorney who assisted you in calculating your offense level may have some insight, as well as knowledge of the type of facts that would assist in answering your question, facts that should not be discussed on a public website.


The Federal Bureau of Prisons has a system for scoring each individual prisoner based upon a number of factors. Part of what goes into the scoring includes where they have availability. While a camp might be possible, there is no way to guarantee that up front. at a total offense level of 22 and a criminal history category of 1, the advisory guideline range is 41-51 months. This is longer than most people in camps have to serve.


Where do you get the level 22? Is it from a plea agreement? The PSR? The judge's final determination? Your own rough calculation? Have you factored in the loss amount and any enhancements applicable, including sophisticated means and abuse of special skill or knowledge? A camp, now or in the future, might or might not be a possibility. The decision is made by BOP (I am assuming from your description that this is a federal case) and even the judge can only make a non-binding recommendation as where you should be assigned. You should be discussing this with your attorney, and you should not be facing a criminal charge (especially in federal court) without one.


Depending on your criminal history, you are still in zone D of the Federal sentencing table. This is mandatory incarceration. The BOP will likely put you into a camp to minimum security facility. This is only a guess from my last Level 22 crim hist I sentence in the NCMD. Why are you not asking your attorney?

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