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If you win the lottery are their ways around the Right-to-Know Law?

Pittsburgh, PA |

If U win the lottery & want to remain anonymous how can you avoid the Right-to-Know Law.

Info you have to give legally:

Name of the winner(s)
City and county of residence
Name of game won
Date of win
Prize amount

R their ways around this kind of law that would allow you to remain silent in general or is it inevitable that you will be discovered. (for whatever reasons you may have if you wish to remain anonymous what steps need to be taken)

I'v noticed some winners who wait till the last moment to cash in just to avoid the crowd & the publicity in general. (believing the mass media could potentially harm the winner I believe)

-& I'm also aware that 25% of your winnings will be taken out- (federal taxes)

-State Lottery prizes are not subject to state or local taxes for residents

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It is not possible to remain completely anonymous if you win the lottery. You will have to report your earnings, and you should instead be consulting with an attorney to help manage both the publicity (just deny requests for interviews) and the legal ramifications.

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