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If you were involved in a multi-car accident how do you determine fault?

Draper, UT |

I was involved in a multi-car accident where someone stopped on the interstate and it was on a sheet of black ice. Because she stopped it caused a car to run into her and me to run into the car behind her. How is fault determined in that case?

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You are responsible for hitting the car in front of you. You are supposed to drive at a prudent distance that will allow you to stop. Do not worry and let your insurance company handle the claim. Hope you are well. Best of luck.

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You should probably talk with a personal injury attorney. We can answer
that question with a free consultation. Call us at (801) 495-4104 and ask
for Jeff Butler.


You need to talk with an attorney and have the attorney review the police report.


fault will be determined on a totality of the evidence standard and may be apportioned between all of the parties. Any police citations are not admissible evidence in any civil suit brought after the accident. If you were injured and want to make a claim as long as your fault does not exceed the total fault of the other drivers you should be able to obtain some type of recovery.

there are different types of damages that can result and each type is addressed differently. If an insurance company paid for it, such as property damage or the personal injury protection (PIP) it is generally resolved by intercompany arbitration if all the companies are signatories to the agreement and if not by subrogation between the companies.

If there are personal injury suits that arise those are generally resolved by the attorneys and the insurance companies or their attorneys.


I agree with my colleagues with respect to your situation. I would strongly advise you to consult with a local car accident attorney to review the relevant facts of your case and discuss your legal options.

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