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If you were granted IFP by judge and there is a misnomer on service of process do you have to serve process yourself on amend?

Clearwater, FL |

I'm pro se because I can't afford attorney. I filed with the court on EEOC discrimination lawsuit myself and was granted IFP by the judge. The service was made by US Marshall but defendant's counsel contacted me and said that I named the parent company when it should be the LLC subsidiary. When I amend complaint do I still send a waiver or will the US Marshall attempt again since I am IFP? Thank you for answering.

I fully understand that I "should not" be practicing law, but does that mean that the poor should go without representation just because they can not afford one? Thats not fair and was hoping that Avvo, while I know most of you are seeking clients, etc..have attorneys that would answer simple legal questions to assist those like me. I know that some of you do, but I was offended by Mr. Brinkmeier's comment. Just I know this..all pro se litigants know this..but what can we do?

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As I frequently tell people, I am not a mechanic, so I don't work on my own car. Respectfully, you are not a lawyer, so you should not be practicing law. Contact a law attorney in your area.






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