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If you terminate an attorney who settled you claim without your permission...

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... and he said he settled for say $10,000 and his contingency agreement gives him 1/3 of the settlement, and then your new attorney or you yourself handle the case and get $15,000 can the lien he applied for his service before being terminated grow to be 1/3 of the $15,000? If so how is this justified? If he is fired for incompetence, neglect, criminal behavior or other good reasons why should he be worthy of getting a percentage above what he obtained?

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If the case is settled, there is not going to be more money. Did he say settled or that he got an offer? He is entitled to be compensated for his work. It is not a matter of being "worthy," it is a matter of you paying him for the work he did. If you are dissatisfied with his representation, consult another lawyer.

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Dear Poster: There are too many "ifs" in your post to properly answer this question. This all depends. What was your actual written agreement with the first attorney? Did your first attorney obtain a settlement? Did your first attorney do any work? What is the status of your case now? Did you fire your initial attorney? Usually, there is a justified lien by the initial attorney.

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In e very personal injury case I have handled consent of the client is required for settlement, however I would like to know what was contained in your contract. If you feel that your attorney did something unethical (settle without your consent) you could report him to the local bar association or the state Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. In any event if you retain a new attorney the 1/3 fee would be split between both lawyers. You should not have to pay more than 1/3.