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If you post something bad about your employer on facebook is that defamaton?

West Chester, OH |

I posted on facebook that my employers are desrespect, selfish, and greedy. But everything i write is true and i have a witness for that. Can they sue me for destroying their business?

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I handle many internet defamation cases. It is becoming a cottage industry. I have represented plaintiffs and defendants. The reality is the same defamation rules apply on social media as eslewhere. If all you said was that your employer was disrespectful, selfish and greedy you should not be liable for defamation as though are expressions of opinion -- but you would probably be fired. If you made any other FACTUAL statements then you could find youself on the wrong end of a defamation suit with you having to prove the truth of the factual statements you made. Also, keep in mind, many employes now use Facebook and other social media to look into possible emplolyees. Thus, you might find your comments coming back to haunt you if a future prospective employer sees how you wrote about your former employer. Think about it.


Truth is a defense to an action for defamation. Also, statements of opinion can also be a defense. From what you wrote, your statements are either true, or statements of opinion. Furthermore, your employer would have to show some damages to maintain an action.

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Opinions are not defamation if you false statements of facts. In addition, truth is a defense to defamation.

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