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If you place a baby up for adoption does a judge have to o.k. how much money you get after you give birth?

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my adoption lawyer is telling me that brevard county is telling him he is not allowed to give me $10,000.oo like he promised to give me after i gave birth and the adoptive parents left with the baby. is there a law saying there is a limit on how much money you are able to recieve?

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There is, and has been, a law that requires support over $5,000 be approved. This is not a new law. I don't know if there is a way to contact or send me a message on AVVO, if there is, I would be happy to share some more details with you. My toll free office number is 888-883-6830.

Madonna M. Finney
Board Certified Adoption Lawyer
Tallahassee, FL


If what you posted is accurate, you may be the victim of a very serious crime. The state of Florida is serious about prosecuting adoption related crimes. Please call me so that we can discuss whether your circumstances warrant informing law enforcement.


Florida law is specific about what payments can be made to a birth mother (reimbursements, reasonable and necessary living and medical expenses, etc.) The Adoption Statute, Section 63.097 gives a list. Under no circumstance can a birth mother be paid simply for offering her baby to someone. The fees paid must be able to documented and itemized as legitimate expenses. If your lawyer, or the lawyer representing the adoptive parents, made promises of money for you to sign your consent, that is a serious matter. If a court determines that fraud was involved, your consent can be withdrawn. There are other issues presented by your question, so I strongly advise you speak to an adoption attorney, to see what options are available to you.


YES! The Judge needs to approve any payment for expenses that are over $5,000. However, approval can be sought before the baby is born. May want to see if the adoption lawyer is representing you or the adoptive parents or an agency.

Nicole W. Moore, Esq.
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