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If you pay off your probation fees before your violation of probation court date, will your violation of probation be dismissed?

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I have a friend who is on probation. He was arrested and the cases were dismissed, but they still have a violation of probation court case coming up which I believe is still being held simply because there were new cases on him. If his violation of probation fees are paid off before his court date, can he avoid any possible punishment?

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No, he cannot. His probation cannot be terminated until the end date, unless he somehow gets an early termination. If he has new cases before that date he's not going to get terminated. Violation is the correct word.


If your question is if he paid off all of his fees, and his new arrest cases were dismissed, will his probation violation be dismissed, the answer would be it depends of the basis of the violation of probation. Paying the fees is good, especially if he wants to try to terminate the probation early, and I agree with my colleague that if he ends up with violations of probation which are found true, then it will be harder to terminate the probation early.


I agree with the other comments. Just wanted to add that even if the cases being used to violate his probation were dismissed they can still be used to support a probation violation. An attorney should get involved right away to assist him in getting his violation case in as good a position as it can be in order to try and avoid additional punishment.

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