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If you meet all conditions of probation do you still need to have record expunged, and if you do what is the success rate.

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If you were arrested for a DUI class c misdeamour (minor age 19) and you Meet all of the requirements to have your record wiped clean. Complete all requirements the court set, such as community service or misdemeanor probation, pay off fines and stay out of trouble for a certain length of time. Do you still need to go through the process of expungement. Does this misdeamour still remain on your driving license record.

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Must expunge it. Have an experienced attorney help you to make sure it is done properly.

BEST ANSWER I got....and I hope I was HELPFUL! My answers do not establish an attorney/client relationship. Contact Steve Hamer at (214) 843-1529 for a FREE CONSULTATION.


It's a tricky process but I've done it once where a judge allowed me to reopen a case through a motion for a new trial.

You need to contact an attorney and discuss the case with them.


Erick Platten


Expungements don't happen automatically, typically you'd need to file a motion and follow meticulous steps to do it properly. It's best to start calling experienced DUI defense attorneys in your area to see what is required. There are many good options on this website with phone numbers listed.


Yes, you still need to have the DUI expunged. This is not something you want to attempt to do on your own. The good news is that, if as you have stated above, you meet all of the requirements, you have a reasonably good chance of success through your attorney. This is not a guarantee, and I'm sure you understand that, but your chances should be good.

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