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If you jump bail in federal court and the government never collected the baail since a property was put as bail and there is no

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arrest warrant just a bench warrant could i still get charged for jumping bail and 13 years have passed could i have a good chance to beat the case

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Usually, when you jump bail, all proceedings are suspended, including the statute of limitations. That means things are in suspension, so when they eventually find you, the statute of limitations doesn't apply.

However, in the federal courts, the US Constitution applies and 13 years may be too long for the government to prosecute you further if they catch you. If you have not secreted yourself during the time you were missing, the you may have a shot at avoiding the case at this point, but that's a hard thing to prove on your part.

As for the property, if there is a lien on the property for the bail/bond, then it should show up on the title to the property when your bondsman goes to sell it.

I suggest you speak with a local attorney who practices federal law.

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The only reason you may have an advantage in the case is perhaps the government may have a difficult time locating essential witnesses after all this time. The case itself will be unaffected.

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