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If you have lived with your partner as husband and wife for 10 years but are not legally married but your partner has been

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supporting you can you suddenly have your vehicle taken away and be put out of your home without warning or no place to go?

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Georgia does not recognize common law marriage anymore. Therefore, living together does not create any rights or obligations between the parties. If you do not have any legal right to the home, such as your name on the title or lease, and your name is not on the vehicle title or registration, then he can eventually take those from you. However, you have the same right to remain in the home as a tenant who must be given notice and a legal right to contest any eviction. He cannot just put you out of the home. If he threatens you with harm, you should take out a TPO immediately.

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The fact that you have been living together, and he has been supporting you, does not mean that he is obligated to continue supporting you. You have no rights to avail yourself of divorce laws unless you are legally married.

You cannot have your vehicle legally taken away by anyone other than a legal creditor. However, before you can have the vehicle returned to you (or be awarded the value of the vehicle), you would have to be able to prove that it is "yours". This will depend on the name(s) on the title and/or the history of payments.

No one can be put out of their legal residence without having first been legally evicted. The fact that you have been listing the residence as your primary home makes it your legal residence. Therefore, your partner would have to evict you in order to put you out. Or if you've already been put out, you would have a valid claim against your partner for an illegal eviction.

Good luck.

~ Kem Eyo

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You get no legal rights from living together. If you had wanted those rights you had to get married. As for your vehicle, if it's in your name, it's yours. If it's in his name it's his.

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