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If you have joint legal custody and an attorney. Does one still have to share information regarding child with other parent?

Merced, CA |

Dad & I have joint legal custody. Dad & he are in Wa State, I am in Ca. We are going through some custody/visitation issues. Dad has retainted an attorney, filed for change of venue, and now refuses any & all communications with me. Our Son has had some on going medical issues & just had emergency surgery. Dad refuses to share any information with me. The only info I get is via our Son. Who is 11 years old. Dad has also recently taken child out of ccounceling & school, went to Arizon without sharing anything with me ( he has since returned to Wa). Dad feels that now that he has an attorney he can do as he pleases with no regard to me as the co-parent. Help?

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Uh.....YES he should be sharing this information with you. I would be screaming holy hell about this. He is alienated your relationship with your son. He should be held accountable for this.

Our Family Wizard is a great suggestion, however if your ex is hell bent on not talking with you, he can do that just as easily on OFW. However, OFW, would allow you to more clearly document his NON communication.

If you can, get a lawyer....soon. Hope this helped you somewhat.

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Of course you are entitled to have information about your son, assuming you have joint legal custody. Even if you don't, it would be a good idea for dad to share information with you. I am including links below about custody and visitation orders, and I'd also suggest that you both register for "Our Family Wizard." Good luck.

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