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If you have been charged with a fourth degree assault can you work at a nursing home? also just got off probation

Chehalis, WA |
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Convictions for most Domestic Violence offenses and for all sex offenses in Washington can have devastating effects on the careers of health care professionals particularly. If you are an M.D., R.N., L.P.N., D.D.S., or other licenses health care professional you cannot afford a conviction and you need to have the best representation available.

For example, RCW 43.43.842 provides that individuals who provide care to vulnerable adults must not have, among other things:

* An active protective order involving a vulnerable adult where they are the respondent.
* A conviction for a crime against a person, which includes most sexual crimes and misdemeanor and felony assault crimes.

There are similar provisions throughout the Revised Code of Washington for other licenses and professions. This can and does have a significant impact on health care practitioners of all forms including medical doctors, doctor of osteopathy and registered nurses accused of domestic violence.