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If you have a removal order how many years does it last for?

Medford, NY |

My husband might have a removal order from 2005 .How long will it last for.

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The question actually raises a lot of complicated issues which will require your consultation with an excellent attorney. That said, please be advised that if your husband has not left the U.S. then his removal order basically will prevent him from adjusting his status indefinitely. Upon departing the U.S. (after the issuance of a removal order) this generally triggers a 10-year bar for his re-entry, although the bar could be longer or even a permanent bar depending on the precise circumstances.

Be sure to consult an excellent immigration attorney who has handled a lot of deportation defense case in court. Best of luck.

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10 years from the time he left the U.S. If he has not left the US and only found out recently about the order, he may be able to request proceedings to be reopened in order to apply for relief from removal. You must consult with an immigration attorney as the issues are too complex to address it in this forum.