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If you have a DUI charge in one state can you get a license in another state?

Baltimore, MD |

Can I get a driver's license in another with a DUI on my record? I I got the DUI in Maryland so what happens if I move to Virginia? Can I get the driver's license in Virginia after having the DUI in Maryland? I heard that it's difficult to get a license in another state if you already have a DUI. Will hiring a DUI lawyer help me get a license more easily?

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the answer requires a little more information. Are you on probation in Maryland for the DUI ??? Is your Maryland drivers license currently suspended. Many states are now connected to computers which lets them share information regarding DUI charges, and most at least to a limited extent recognize the restrictions placed by the courts in the states where a person moved from.I would assume that the Maryland computers talk to the ones in Virginia.
In order to obtain a DL in most states, a person is asked if his driving privilege has ever been suspended in another state and when. That may affect how soon and under what conditions a new license can be obtained. Please check with the department of Motor Vehicles in Va to be sure.


Getting a driver's license in another state after a DUI can be pretty difficult. If you are charged with a DUI in Maryland you will not be able to get a license in another state. Generally, a State will not issue a license to a driver who is currently revoked or suspended from driving on his current license. In addition, the license application will ask you whether you are currently revoked, suspended or awaiting trial on a serious traffic offense in another state. The license application requires you to swear to the truthfulness of your answer. The application warns you that a false answer can disqualify you from getting or keeping a license and also can result in perjury (lying under oath) charges being filed against you.

In addition, states require you to surrender any license you have in another state or explain why you cannot surrender other licenses before they give you a license in their State.

Finally, even if you were able to get a license in another State, your new State will treat the Maryland conviction as though it took place in the new State. This means that if you get licensed in Virginia and are later convicted for the DUI in Maryland, the Virginia DMV will attempt to revoke or suspend your Virginia license.

The best course of action for you is to get a very good Maryland lawyer to help you on your Maryland MVA case. I practice law in Maryland.


Generally: No. The other state will ask on your application if your license has been revoked or suspended in any other state. You would have to lie; which opens up all sorts of negative ramifications, like perjury.


Whether you can get a driver's license in another state when you already have a DUI depends on a couple of factors.
The fact that you have a DUI charge isn't the main focus, but rather what is the status of your license? If you are suspended in one state, you generally cannot get a driver's license in another state. If you have a regular unrestricted license in one state, then you probably can acquire a license in another state even after a DUI, assuming you reside in the other state.

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