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If you give up your parental rights and once you give up those rights are you still required to pay child support?

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If you are court ordered to pay child support and want to give up your parental rights, are you still required to pay child support?

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No, a termination terminates your rights and your child support obligations but make sure you include any arrears in the final order.


I suggest you consult a family law attorney who practices in your county and tell him/her all the facts of your case. Under some circumstances a court can order child support after termination of parental rights. For instance, a court can order one or both parents to pay child support after their parental rights have been terminated as to a child in substitute (i.e. foster) care for whom the Department of Family and Protective Services (CPS) has been appointed managing conservator. While this probably happens most often in cases where parental rights have been terminated involuntarily, there is no prohibition I know of against a court ordering child support in such a case where termination of parental rights was based on a voluntary relinquishment of rights. So, as you can see, it could be beneficial to consult an attorney, as discussed above, particularly if you are involved in a CPS case.