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If you give up parental rights, do you still have to pay child support or health insurance for the child?

San Diego, CA |

my son is basically telling me he wants nothing to do with me after many efforts to see him, talk to him and visit him. his father just recently gained full custoday after a bad divorce. if i give up my rights, do i still have to pay child support or health insurance? what am i exactly giving up and what rights do i still have if any?

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Even if you "give up your rights", you can't simply "give up" your responsibilities to your child, unless the other parent agrees, so you'll still be obligated for child support, including health care. The only way your obligation goes away is if the other parent re-marries, and new step-parent completes a step-parent adoption.

What steps you should take in regard to contact with your son depend on the details of your case; you should discuss them with an experienced family law attorney.

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