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If you get arrested for a crime and get out on bond, and later you get arrested again can you get another bond?

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Well someone got arrested and then was released on bond. And later get arrested again can they recieve another bond before going to court for the first case that they were arrested for

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Theoretically yes, and this is fairly common in some areas when a person is accused of different misdemeanors and less severe felony offenses. However, the risk to the community and the risk to commit future felonies are factors that the courts take into consideration in deciding whether to set a bond. So getting arrested for a new offense while a criminal case is pending can lead to the denial of the a bond for the second offense and potentially revocation of the bond on the first offense. Bottom line, you need to talk to an attorney and give them all the facts so they can better advise you on the specific steps that should be taken to get a bond, avoid problems with the first bond, and otherwise defend the person who is accused of crimes.

This answer is provided for informational purposes only. The response given is not intended to create, nor does it create, an attorney-client relationship. Each case is fact specific, and it is impossible to evaluate a legal question without a review of all the facts at issue. If you are looking for legal advice regarding a problem in the State of Georgia you may contact my office so that we can set up an office or phone consultation to fully address your question.


If the offenses are not particularly serious, some jurisdictions will set a bond as a matter of course. Otherwise, the person will need to petition the court for a bond and show that he or she meets the criteria for a bond (things like not a threat to the community, won't run, won't threaten witnesses). The other issue is the first bond. The court that issued that bond can revoke it based upon the person's being arrested again. Speak to a lawyer that practices in that jurisdiction who knows how the local judges handle such situations. The last thing this person wants to do is spend the time and money getting a bond on the second case only to have the first bond revoked and end up sitting in jail anyway.