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If you fall in a grocery store when it has been raining are they liable for injury?

Saint Charles, MO |

What responsibilty do they have when it is raining and the front entrance is wet?

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Did you get injured or are you asking for general information? Where "in the front of the store" was wet? I do not practice law in your state but generally speaking if it is raining outside, all must walk with caution. If the store owner failed to use reasonable care in maintaining his store entry way that may cause you to fall then maybe you have a claim. However, I am not aware of what this store owner did or did not do because your question did not detail these facts. If you give me more information I may be able to help. You can also seek the advice of a local attorney. I wish you the best.


You asked a brief question so I'll give you a brief answer.

When it is raining outside, this is a "circumstance" that the storeowner is confronting, just like you are.

Generally speaking the owner of a premises only has a duty to take "reasonable" precautions to make their property safe under the circumstances.

If it just started raining and people naturally tracked the rain in, the property owner's likelihood of being held negligent is low.

On the other end of the spectrum, if it had been raining all day and there was a can of oil that someone had knocked over hours ago that made the floor more slippery than it was for a long enough time that the owner knew about it and did nothing, then the likelihood of a finding of negligence is very high.

It all depends on the conduct of the property owner. Measure your case against the above scale.

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