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If you do not pay your fines and probation fees in Georgia and you violated will you go to jail

Callahan, FL |

I am on probation in ware county georgia for 10 years on felony charges and transfered to florida because that is where i live and i just got a letter in the mail to go to court at the probation office in georgia for violation of probation because i am $3000.00 behind in my fines. so my question is are they going to put me inn jail and if not what to expect and should i get an attorney to go with me

the reason for not paying the fines are that I now work for min. wage due to the charges i have and just don't make enough money to pay everything that i have to i also have to pay florida probation office for supervision and i am also behind in the payments with them

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Attorney answers 1


It's always best to have an attorney handle your criminal case. Generally, Courts in Florida do not want to jail people solely on money violations. An exception to this rule is where you have the ability to pay but refuse to do so. Because you received such a lengthy probation, the Court may have been interested in restitution more than jail time. It's very important that you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can call your probation officer and the prosecutor and see what can be done to resolve this situation without jail time.