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If you do a private party trade title for title even trade can they take leal action on you?

Smithville, TN |

i traded my SUV a month ago for a car. Me and the guy told each other what was wrong with it. Now some stuff has went wrong with the SUV that i had and he is threatening me that he is taking legal action that i traded him a messed up car. I have receipts for all the stuff that i did to it a firestone paper saying all it needed was tires and windshield blades. (there was just a couple of things wrong with the SUV when i traded it) now he is saying that i didnt tell him about them and a bunch of other stuff that is wrong with it. Can he legally do anything,. I have received the title back in my name about three weeks ago

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Did you all sign "AS IS" agreements? Did you tell him everything that you knew was wrong with it?

I've handled more than a few cases against car dealers who don't disclose known problems. Examples include selling a vehicle without disclosure that it had been wrecked after the dealer bought it for pennies knowing it had been wrecked.

Yes, he could sue you. The success of his case will depend on a lot of details and circumstances. It may be up to a jury to decide. I guess my advice would be to be honest with him, keep talking to him, and show him all the information that you had.

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we just went to the county clecks office and signed the titles over to each other as a even trade. he wouldnt a car dealer just some random guy that had seen my car on a listing. i told him everything i knew and now he is saying that me and my husband didnt tell him anything. i have noticed a pattern with him calling is when he sees me in town in the car

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