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If you are on deferred and you do not report , what can happen ?

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i was issued deferred probation , but i ran away from home without reporting , what can happen to me ?

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A Motion to Adjudicate (revoke) your probation will be filed. There are any number of outcomes from there. You could be convicted, sentenced to jail time, have your probation extended, etc.

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Does the fact that it was my first offense to the juvenile detention center change anything ?

Macy Michelle Jaggers

Macy Michelle Jaggers


Well, it's certainly better than it being your fourth offense. Your most positive outcome is going to come from accepting responsibility for the situation and telling the court you are ready to make a change.


They can bring additional charges, modify your probation and require detention as well as complete a program in a facility. Depending on your charges and the levels of your offenses, they can revoke the probation and sentence you to TYC. Nobody can predict what can or will happen without being able to look at all the paperwork and consider your history.
Good Luck

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If you are a juvenile, the you are not on deferred adjudication probation but on deferred disposition which meant that if you followed the rules, the case was going to be dismissed. Now the court system will want to determine if you should be placed in the custody of the probation officer because your family does not have control over you.

I suggest you get your mind straight, follow the rules, and get this behind you by doing what needs to be done. You are making what was not a good situation much worse.

Cynthia Henley

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