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If you are detained then questioned by police and you ask for a lawyer (three times) what happens next?

Columbus, OH |

I was detained because the police were detaining my girlfriend for a misdemeanor charge. They then stated I was in complicity and detained me as well in our home. After being terrorized by 7 police officers (three were hooded and masked) and were very brutal. They ask me questions and I stated I would rather call my lawyer as I had did nothing wrong. I was told to sit down, shut up and NO, I could NOT call my Attorney. Further on, I was asked more stuff, and twice more said I wanted a Lawyer. They told me I could not call anyone and asked ore questions. We were treated so bad you would not believe it and after two h0urs they were gone and my girlfriend was charged with a bogus misdemeanor charge. What was supposed to happen and did they violate my rights?

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Generally cops are supposed to stop asking you questions when you ask for a lawyer, but they don't have to let you call one right away if they're searching your house incident to a lawful arrest. I hope you and your girlfriend didn't say anything. Your instinct to shut up and ask for a lawyer was right on. Tell your attorney what happened and he'll be in the best position to see whether any of your rights were violated. I don't necessarily think any were.

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