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If you are convicted if Assault DateFamilyHouse Strangulation Impede Breath Circulation and are on probation and get same charge

Kilgore, TX |

he was on 2 yrs probation and was not supposed to be around his wife but they moved back in together and of course this time was worse she ended up in the hospital but they did get a grand jury inditment so will he finally serve jail time? he is on probation for the first family violence imp breathing charge and gets the same charge.

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If he was previously on probation for assault involving family violence by strangulation then it is / was a felony offense, as is his new charge. He can get up to 10 years in prison on the new offense. He can get prison time up to the maximum term of the sentence if the probation was straight probation, or up to 10 years if it was deferred. It is very likely that he will be going to prison for some term of years.