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If you are arrested and ICE places a hold on you what does that mean?

Norcross, GA |
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It is a letter to the warden of the jail to allow ICE 48 hours to pick up the detainee to question them about their status, before releasing them. If this individual was convicted of a crime or violated their nonimmigrant status, they can be removed from the U.S., even if the I-94 is not expired.

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Means you better hurry to hire the best immigration lawyer money can buy for the detained person.

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It depends on the crime.

If it is serious, they may want to try to deport this person ... after the criminal system is done with them.

Make sure that the criminal defense lawyer consults with an immigration lawyer.

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Probably means ICE will not release you from custody and you are a mandatory detention. Also means to contact a experienced immigration lawyer right away.

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It means the person needs an immigration lawyer and a criminal lawyer as many criminal offenses can cause a non-citizen to be deported. Call me at 404-812-4305 if you would like to discuss this case in detail.

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