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If you are accused of taking money from where you work and you are question by police and you admit it what happen then?

Batesville, AR |

Never been in trouble, always worked. They say was caught on camera. Does the owner have to proud money was taken and how much?

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Attorney answers 2


You need to hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately and stop posting about the situation on the internet. Further, you probably should have already retained counsel or some form of representative when you were going to be questioned by the police. If you have already admitted to the crime, I'm not sure exactly what can be done - it will be too dependent on the facts of your case, whether or not Constitutional rights were breached (custodial interrogation, etc.).


The best advice is that you should retain an attorney right away and not speak to anyone else about this. It is never a good idea to offer information to law enforcement without an attorney present when suspected of having committed a crime. An attorney will file a motion for discovery where the prosecution will have to turn over all the alleged evidence against you then evaluate that evidence for possible defenses. Prosecutors also read these posts so it is not wise to discuss the details on public forums. Good luck.