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If working conditions are made so unbearable, that force you too quit can i stil get unemployment?

Flint, MI |

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The answer to your question is MAYBE, but probably not unless you have compelling evidence that it was unbearable. The answer is going to depend highly on your specific facts and you should consult with an attorney.

Under MCL 421.29, an individual is disqualified from unemployment if he or she left work voluntarily without good cause attributable to the employer. The act specifically places the burden for proving good cause attributable to the employer on the employee. The case law provides that an employee can show good cause when the actions of the employer would have caused a reasonable, average and otherwise qualified worker to give up their employment. The case law, however, says that a purely personal reason will not constitute good cause attributable to the employer. A substantial change to the working conditions will constitute good cause attributable to the employer.

The following web page provides brief summaries of unemployment cases in Michigan by category.

With all that said, it is likely you have to go to a hearing and convince a Administrative law judge that you are right. You should consult an attorney before leaving your employment if receiving UIA benefits is critical.

Attorney's answer to this question is given for informational purposes only. Every factual situation is different and changes the application of the law to those facts. You should not rely on the answer as advice for your situation. By answering this question, no attorney-client relationship is intentional created, nor should one be implied. Before taking any actions, you should consult with an attorney to advice you on your specific situation.

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