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If we file taxes separately, who takes the gain of the jointly owned home? Can we divide the gain in two?

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Or does one of us have to take all gain? Thank you.

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I believe that for joinly owned assets that are sold, the proceeds and the basis are split with each of you taking half. I would take great care in evaluating if you really have a gain. Also, if you do, I would make sure that it is one that would be taxable before reporting. There are situations where gains are not taxable or may be deferred with proper planning. Don't hesitate to get advice from a professional. It may save you money.

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Wes Hill

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Yes. If you are married and jointly own the home the house is a marital asset. You may divide the proceeds equally. But, be careful. You may not need to report the income if you meet certain criteria. A quick talk with a Florida tax attorney may help you make a decision on the tax treatment. Don't pay taxes unnecessarily.

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Very helpful and I like your confidence. Much more reassuring when attorneys answer directly instead of saying "I believe" or "I think but need to check." Thanks again to you.


Divide the gain in two.