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If wal mart credit card and capital one card is charged off can they still garnish my check i live in mississippi

Grenada, MS |

been charged off within past 6 monthes

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"Charge off" is an accounting term and has no legal effect. Long story short, they can still go after you for the debt. Assuming wage garnishment is permitted in Mississippi, they can probably garnish you after they get a judgment.

The information provided in this post is not "legal advice." Rather it is general information on common legal issues. If you have questions concerning your specific situation, it is always best to consult an attorney in your area.


Typically a creditor, or someone who has purchased or has been assigned a debt, must first sue you & obtain a court judgment in order to garnish your paycheck. A very few states do not permit wage garnishment, but then you have to worry about your bank account being attacked (or attached, with is the more technical legal term). Hope this perspective helps!

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