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If u plead guilty to a summary offense in pa while on parole will u go back to prison

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2nd violation, first violation was also a summary

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If you have violated the terms of your parole by committing an additional crime, you will almost certainly go back to jail for the violation. Whether additional jail time will follow from the new conviction is a separate issue entirely.

This is likely a duplicate question.

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It depends on whether you're on state parole or county parole and whether you're pleading at the MDJ level or the Court of Common Pleas. If you're on state parole and you plead at the MDJ level--or in front of a judge who is creative enough to designate himself a MDJ temporarily--you are not exposing yourself to jail time because magisterial district court is not a court of record.

If you're on county parole the distinction doesn't matter. It's up to your PO.


Your question can't be meaningfully answered because there is not nearly enough information about your situation. Several of the deficiencies have been noted by other responding attorneys, and no matter how much detail you choose to provide, an intelligent answer to you question upon which you could place any confidence is not possible. You need to speak PRIVATELY with a qualified criminal defense attorney so that all of the needed facts and circumstances can be explored. If it matters enough for you to post two questions here, it seems it would merit the time required of you to engage in a confidential consultation about it with counsel. Most here, myself included, will provide you with an initial consultation without charge. Take advantage of that opportunity to get useful guidance. Good luck.


Possibly. You're probation/parole officer should be the one to check with, unless you are trying to keep your summary from them (which they will eventually find out anyways so it would be better to get ahead of that problem). If you are on good terms with them, and you are upfront and honest with them, they may choose not to detain you due to a violation (which would probably include some technical violations). As such, I would check with your PO first to see if you can make it right with him/her without a detainer that would send you to prison.