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If u didn't go to court for dui charges in another state over ten years ago, what happens?

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I live in a different state I got a dui in over ten years ago, I never went to my state won't give me license,bur I've had a dui in my state since that and they gave me a restricted license and I took classes and nothing has been on my record about the out of state dui til about a year ago.

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There is probably a warrant in the other state. You need to contact the court in the state where you got the DUI and try to resolve the case.
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You most likely have a warrant out for you. You need to resolve the original DUI that was in the other state. You need an attorney in state #1 to assist you in resolving both the warrant and the case itself.

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You will have a bench warrant in that state and you should contact an attorney to surrender you and handle the case and have the bench warrant withdrawn


These folks may be right, and you may have a warrant. Probably not, because a pending case should not result in license suspension. I'm guessing that you were convicted in your absense.

I can tell you that if it happened here (in Fairfax, Virginia), you would probably already be convicted in your absence, and your license would be suspended until you pay all fines and complete the ASAP program. That results in a permanent suspension until you complete all requirements, and the states are getting much better at sharing the suspension information through the federal "National Driver Register".

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