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If told it was at your best interest to take a guilty plea , can I with draw my guilty plea ask for new lawyer for help?

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I was charged with four counts of delivery of meth and was promised from task force to be freed of all charges if I helped them and now I get a summons and still being charged and my lawyer has done nothing to help me what so ever so I called the task force my self and then my lawyer said oh I guess it could get a little better and after two years of all there using me promising me this and that last week my lawyer tells me now I am going to prison and I am scared to death and I am not in the first place even guilty and I have never been in trouble and I have no idea what to do ,I also have lupus and I am under a doctors care and I have already lost my home because of loosing my hud and now I have no family here but my girls and we are all s afraid of what is really GOING TO HAPPEN

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It sounds like you need to make an appointment with your lawyer and go over all of your concerns. Have your lawyer explain everything in detail and why it is in your best inteerest and why you shouldn't go to trial.


I agree with my colleague. It's difficult to withdraw a guilty plea. You can always hire another attorney to help you.

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I agree with the prior answers about speaking with your attorney or another attorney to address your specific situation. Dealing with a task force to work off charges is always a little tricky and frequently does not work out well for the accused. That said, a strong criminal defense attorney with experience can put a lot of pressure on the task force and prosecutor to honor the agreement.

Your question is not clear on if you have agreed to plead guilty or already were found guilty. In the first scenario, you are free to change your mind. In the second scenario, if you had a "deal" and that "deal" was not honored, your attorney may be able to convince the court to honor the deal.
Good luck, your situation sounds very frustrating. You absolutely need to talk to your attorney ASAP.


Out of the curiosity, was you deal with the Task Force to drop your charges one that was worked out with the Task Force alone or with the Task Force, the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and your lawyer. If it was done with all three, and had been reduced to a written agreement and if you performed in an acceptable manner you are in a good position. If the deal was between you and the Task Force alone the prosecutor can claim they did not make a deal with you. Please make sure you have answers to these questions when you speak with your attorney (current or if you get another). Good luck.

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Can you ask the court to withdraw your plea? Yes. Will the court grant your request? Remains to be seen. It all depends on the facts of the case. One of the more common basis for withdrawal of a plea is ineffective assistance of counsel. In other words, a defendant accepted a plea agreement based on misadvisement of the law by their previous attorney. Again, this is a common example. But just one example.. You should consult with an attorney regarding your case to see if you have a righteous claim for withdrawal of a plea.

My answer is general information only and not intended to create an attorney client relationship. Seek advice from a qualified attorney to see how the law fits your specific facts.

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