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If there was no court reporter in motion hearings in civil case, how to submit the oral argument for appeal purpose?

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in some motion hearings, there's no court reporter, so there's no reporter's transcript available. Can one make a declaration for the oral argument, for appeal?

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Generally a record of oral argument is not necessary on an appeal. It is necessary only if one party made a concession or in the rare circumstances in which the judge's comments are somehow relevant. The latter circumstance is very rare.

The Rules of Court provide for an agreed statement or settled statement on appeal instead of a transcript. In other words, one party submits the facts that are supposed to be relevant, and either the other party agrees to those facts or the court determines the true facts. I have never heard them used on a motion hearing, and I doubt a court would remember the argument before it well enough to settle a statement.


No, you cannot do a declaration. As the other attorney indicated, you must proceed by settled or agreed statement, the procedure for which is in the rules of court.

But if you are appealing something that arose out of law and motion (judgment after demurrer or summary judgment) it is unlikely the motion hearing has any bearing on the appeal.

If you think what happened at hearing is important, then you need to work with the other side to obtain an agreed or settled statement.

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I would qualify Mr. Eschen's response to say that a reporter's transcript is not necessary when your are appealing an order, as long as the moving papers and opposition, etc., fully set out the law, facts and arguments for both side. If you are appealing from a trial, the reporter's transcript (or a settled statement or statement on appeal) is an imperative.
Further, although you did not ask, your question raises a yellow flag for any appellate attorney. What kind of a motion are you appealing from? Is the order arising from that motion an appealable order? Or are you appealing from a judgment and one or more issues arose by way of a motion? I ask because many, if not most, orders arising from a law and motion hearing are not ripe for appeal.

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