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If there is no child support order, but a judge made a note on my file for child support to begin, how do I commence it?

Marysville, CA |

I'm confused about my last hearing. The judge marked a date for when child support begin for my first child, but I have heard no word from the other parent's attorney. I had another child less then a year after and when social services looked up my case, they stated there was not a child support order. So I pay child support for my second child. I want to know if I am at fault for my first child. I receive phone calls from the county about my second child if my payment is late, but nothing from the first. My number has never changed The first child's mother has my number as well as her attorney. We have custody orders on file, but nothing regarding how much I will pay for child support.

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If the child support has not been duly ordered then you are not in violation. You would have been informed. Just for peace of mind, I would contact the clerk of courts and review the docket. Consult with an attorney when you receive copies of everything to ensure everything is ok. Good luck.