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If there is a will that reads all assests are divided up equal do you need to get lawyer involved when selling house?

Greenville, SC |

Will reads all assests divided up equally between 2 daughters. The daughters are wanting to sell house how do we go about doing this?

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You can list it yourselves or you can hire a real estate agent. When you sell the property, you will need to have a lawyer involved to do the closing.

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While it may be possible to probate this without a lawyer, I believe you could save yourself a lot of time, frustration and perhaps even money by having a lawyer help you. I say this because you do not know how to proceed. You do not know what is involved in the process and that makes it likely you will make a misstep. It sounds like this would be a relatively cheap and easy administration. I would at least consult with a lawyer to educate yourselves on the process, so you will not be starting blind.

Best of luck to you!

James Frederick

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To make sure that everything is transferred properly it is recommended that a probate attorney be involved with the deed of distribution and a lawyer be involved with the actual sale of the property. Too many things could go wrong by doing it yourself and if you are the personal representative there may be liability.

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