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If there is a repo order on your vehicle, do the police have knowledge of that if they run your tag?

Orlando, FL |

I was recently told by my auto loan company that they were going to issue a recovery order on my vehicle. The collection agent then threatened that I would have to "watch my back" because if the police ran my tag, they would stop me and take my vehicle. I know the police won't actually take my vehicle, but are they likely to stop me and await the arrival of a recovery agent? How long will it take for that order to show up in their computer. I just started a new job and will be able to bring my account current in 8 days but the collection agents do not want to give me that much time.

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In my experience banks usually just hire towing company to pick up your vehicle if it decides to repossess. You should call my office at (407) 893-5200 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.



Thanks for your response. I'm familiar with how repossessions usually work, but I'm more specifically asking about whether or not there will be an indicator that the vehicle is in repossession if an officer runs my tag and if they have responsibility or authority to stop me as a result and arrange for the recovery agent to collect the vehicle. Additionally, if this is possible, what kind of time frame would it require for my car to be flagged as a repo?