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If there is a cleaning addendum to the rental agreement stating it is understood professional house cleaning charges

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will be deducted from the tenant's security deposit and amount of charges will depend on the condition of the property after tenant vacates are you still required to make a claim for this within 30 days or is the addendum immune from the 30-day requirement. I charged $300 and cleaned myself because I do a better job, perfectionist. From what I can gather tenant paid $99 for a general clean, not a move out clean. I wiped out cupboards, did blinds, ceiling fans, base boards, fridge, oven, removed four boxes of stuff they left, which I removed from different cabinets and also spent over an hour scrubbing years of built-up grease on tops of kitchen cabinets, plus cleaned the porch and pressure washed patios and drive ways. I didn't think I had to give 30 days notice with the addendum?

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Legally, the LL can only deduct items beyond "normal wear and tear" from a security deposit. However, the parties can make a special agreement, preferably in writing, as to other terms and conditions, such as for allowing a fixed cost for cleaning. The only caveat is a statute that allows a judge wide discretion on whether to enforce lease (or a provision within a lease) when it's "unconscionable" in the judge's opinion. So, assuming it's not anything too crazy, it'll be enforceable.

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