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If there has been a prior TPR and there is no call to DCF but DCF finds out about a new baby can the just remove the baby?

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If there was a prior TPR in another state and a few years later you are in Florida and have a new baby can the state remove your baby and file for a direct TPR stating you are a risk even if its not egregious circumstances? Also what happens and what remedies does a parent have when the judge rules that the petition was in fact false that sheltered the child and all the evidence at trial comes out the parent was not in the wrong? Also is it normal in a situation like this for a judge to order no contact at all? This case a parent was alleged of poisoning a child even though there is no medical evidence and the doctors dont agree but DCF says its likely it could have happened because the parent has a past with DCF. The child was inpatient under doctors care at the time of the incident.

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I know you were on here the other day asking about this case. These cases are complicated, and you should have a court appointed attorney. In order to answer your questions, the whole file would have to be reviewed. If you are not happy with your attorney, then you are free to fire that attorney and either ask the court to appoint you another one, which they may or may not do, or retain your own.

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