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If the person is using the system such as abusive relationship status to obtain the green card. How do you report this issue?

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After wife hits the husband and apologies over text message. then husband leaves the premises for few days.
Few weeks later sheriff visits home and hands a letter to husband. Letter states restrain order from your wife to Husband.
Husband is not surprised by this incident due to story line was already been explained by her multiple times. Filing for abusive relationship is the best way to obtain the green-card.
After battling the restraining order case was dropped and settled with mutual stay away instead.
Abuse from wife started whole case had to do it confronting her reason for marriage.
Wife also kept trying to brainwash the husband by kept repeating I did not marry you for "GreenCard"

1st Status
2nd Medical
3rd Wealth

Anyway to fight this case so would result on deportat

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You can try contacting ICE:

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Marital problems are very subjective. I would advise that the parties get marital counseling, or if that does not work, each should seek their own counsel.

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