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If the officer wrote down incorrect information on my citation will it be dismissed?

Los Angeles, CA |

I recently got a speeding ticket, and i want to fight it. First, the police officer did not use a radar gun, all he said was that he believes i went 50 in a 25. He pulled me over when i was driving the opposite direction on the other side of the street then him. Second, he took my license to write down my information i.e. license number, name, birthday. And on the citation ticket in the date of birth section he put a date that was not my birthday. Will that help me in getting this ticket dismissed?

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Attorney answers 1


The wrong birthday won't help you. What WILL help you is that he didn't use a raqdar gun, that he observed you going in the opposite direction on the opposite side of the street, and that he "believes" you were doing 50 in a 25 zone. Obviously, he has NO F***ING IDEA how fast you were going. He just "believes" you were speeding.
This is a good ticket to contest!