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If the judge has not set a date for Discovery, does that mean it is not required?

Acton, MA |

As far I understand, mandatory discovery is not required for Modifications and Contempt, however, the judge has not addressed a date on the notice for a Pretrial Conference. Does this mean we are not legally required to do this? In the past, a Discovery date has always been set. Why not now?

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It was likely an oversight by the Judge. With the exception of Supplemental Rule 410 in a divorce, discovery is never mandatory, but usually advisable. The lack of a deadline date simply means there is no deadline. Even when a Judge places a discovery deadline date, it is typcially extended past the Pre-Trial Conference as many times it is only at the Pre-Trial Conference that you are able to get a clearer picture of the case.

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Attorney Armstrong is correct: while discovery past rule 410 disclosure (3 years of bank account statements, retirement account statements, tax returns, 4 most recent paystubs, etc.) is not required, it is strongly advised that you ensure you have a complete financial picture of the opposing party. If the Judge has not yet set a discovery deadline, he or she will probably do so in the Order after Pre-Trial Conference.