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If the father of my child gets laid off work do I still get child support?

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Hi there, I am a single mom located in California. The father of my child is going to be laid off work next month. He was paying child support until now, and I am wondering if he has to continue paying after he gets laid off or should I expect his child support to stop? We have a child support court order. He will receive a nice severance package from his work, but I know he would not pay any child support if this is an option for him. He actually mentioned to me that if something like this happens he will just take the money and travel for couple of year without paying any child support. Is he capable of doing this? Thank you for your advice!

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He would have to file for a modification, or interest is incurred. He would also likely be ordered to look for a new job, not travel to see the sights. Supporting his child should be his first priority.

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He cannot stop paying child support without an adjustment in the current court order. If he does he will go into arrears and any amount owed will collect interest of 10% per year.

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As mentioned by our esteemed colleague above, the child support order will continue to be enforced until father determines to modify child support. Even with a wage assignment order, you will not receive any child support beyond the monthly alloted amount. To that end, we advise that you seek an attorney who may be able to provide you with further assistance.

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If he does not file for a downward modification of his child support obligation, then the child support order remains valid and will accrue arrears (assuming no payments) until a modification is made.

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