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If the arresting offer does not have a reason/proof for pulling the car over can that be a determining factor in my cases result

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I recently was pulled over for my second DUI in pa, however the arresting officer does not have video recording of the arrest(it was never downloaded) , as of now the only reasoning I was pulled over is by the word of the officer in his statement. I was pulled over leaving a bar area however was not at the bar, but a residence in the area.

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A police officer must have reasonable suspicion on order to stop a vehicle. His words alone can support that low burden of proof. It is suggested that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who will take all measures to protect you. Good luck.


Talk with an attorney about this issue as soon as you can. If the police officer pulled you over illegally your attorney can file a Motion to Suppress the actual stop. Try not to put too many facts about your case on sites like this as anyone can read this. Good Luck!!

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I agree with my colleagues. Video evidence is not required. Police made DUI attests and prosecutors got convictions long before any police cars were equiped with dashcams, not all have them now. Sworn testimiony from any witness, police officer or not can support charges. Speak privately with experienced criminal defense counsel as soon as possible, and leave the preparation of a defense to him or her.


The issue is not whether there are cameras or not, the issue is whether there was reasonable suspicion for the stop in the first place. I work in Lehigh County, feel free to give me a call and we can talk about your case.

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