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If the accuser recants, after 25 years how successful a writ will be granted ? I received deferred adjudication probation 10ys?

In 1997 i was accused of a sex crime. I’m talking to the detective i told him ‘’look I barely know the girl and I never had sexual contact with her.’’ That i only her because she was hanging with a group of girls i met the day. A group of us used to hang at her trailer a few times when her grandmother was gone. I’m not sure if she got in trouble for that. I see her walking gave her a ride home because it was hot. Dropped her off. Later that day she said i broke into her house and took advantage of her. I learned she didn’t want to get in trouble from her grandma for being in my car. The detective he told me that the DA will have my ass locked and doing 99 years if i don’t listen to him. He put the statement together and coerced me into sign it. He was like we can say yall sexual contact on 2 different times. That will look and he will talk to DA for to get the charges dropped. Later that day he arrested me on 1 charge. Waited for me to bond out the arrest at school on the other charge. That’s when i found out she was only 13. I would have never signed that statement. Like I said I barely knew her. So i was thinking of hiring a PI now that she’s older will sign affidavit recant?

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