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If take a neg driving reduced down from a dui, how much probation and days in jail would you receive/ in a plea deal?

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I am fight my second Dui for the past year and a half, they have not offered me anything except the same thing, my current lawyer is a public defender and has done nothing for me, except maybe get it dropped down to a neg driving with 5 years probation and 3500 fine and that just seems unreasonable too me. I would like some add vice on what too do.

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If your public defender was able to get them to agree to reduce to Neg 1st that is GREAT. What are you saying that he/she isn't doing anything! You need to understand the issues at hand.
A 2nd offense DUI is either 30 - 45 days in jail minimum if found guilty so again it sounds like your public defender is going great. You should go in and thank him\her.

Now the question is whether the DUI was a good case in the first place. That is the only thing that a different attorney could tell you so that you know what you are doing and for what reason. The 5 year probation is on any DUI matter so that is normal. The fine seems high but that may be what your Judges do in the Seattle area.


I agree with my brethren that, in all honesty, a reduction to a Negligent Driving 1st Degree from a DUI is normally a great deal, especially with your prior. But as pointed out, it also comes down to how strong a case the DUI case was. The probation is longer than normal, which is usually two years but maybe due to prior. Your attorney did a great job.


Each of us attorneys are wondering why you are getting a reduction to Negligent Driving. This suggests there are serious problems with your case. The prosecuting authority is not in the business of reducing charges, especially where there is a prior offense. You must also be wary because you may likely be on probation for the first DUI and not realize it. That judge likely took five years of jurisdiction and this reduction would violate the terms of probation. It may be worth your time and money to hire an attorney to review the facts of this case prior to your agreement to the plea and sentence. Additionaly, a new law may add Ignition Interlock Device time from the Department of Licensing.

I am not offering legal advice and in no way does this post create an attorney-client relationship.

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